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Hi Caroline, welcome to the bb.


First of all skirts,

The ones available are Gti, Delta, Samuri, and Street Fighter



theres a post round here on this page, which contains all the bumpers for the escort



I quite like multi spokes, Like Super Ts, and other thin ones, Try not to get anything which is bulky/ blocky like Tsw Air, as they tend to look a bit poor on a Escort.


K&n's are available most places, you could Try Xfactormotorsport.co.uk


Everything styling wise is down to your own personal preference, something someone else likes may not appeal to you



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I got a standard car, but ive got an enormous ***** and a double bed with silk sheets............


Wanna take it for a test dirve with me?




Seriously though, welcome to the forum, plenty of people like myself who know far to much about stuff that we really shouldn't.........

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