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this happens with me sometimes on either side. It is only when I put it on full lock, which I usually dont do so it isnt a major problem. Ive only got 15 inch alloys so I was suprised. My mate has the same prob on his 17 inch alloys too.


It cant be as bad as when I had them on my Fiesta though. God, you turned the steering a little and it rubbed like heck. Even if you went over a small bump the wheels slammed into the car :D


Needless to say I took them of the fiesta after 2 days and waited to buy my escort.

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they are the normal gti alloys, i havent checked the wheel arches but it was doing the same before i had the stuff changed, which is why i think it might be something else.



The tracking is out so would the wheels turn more to the left as the wheel is more towards the right to go straight (hope that makes sense)



Not sure if this would happen though!! ?(

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