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A PS2 Question


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This is for anyone who has a PS2 fitted in their car.

I have been thinking about it for awhile now and have a couple of questions.


What parts will i need to get it all instaled and the sound comeing through my system?


If u have a dvd on while u r driving does it skip when u go over a bump?


Wear can i mount everything, bearing in mind i am very security minded after i lost £1500 worth of system the other month!( know who did it now the C**t left some blood on the seat and the police gave me his name! should have an address by the end of the week!)


What kind of price am i looking at assuming i have the PS2 allready?


Any suggestions on screens? make, model, any special offers?


Any help will be appreciated, i dont know if it is relevant but my head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P8400MP



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Dont use an FM modulator they are pants, get it hard wired in via an auxillary input controller, your local ICE specialist will tell you which one you need for your headunit. I have also heard that fitting a PS2 in a car screws them up unless they have proper damping to protect the laser assembly.
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