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im possibly going to buy a car on sunday, just rang the bloke up and i asked if it woz trade , he said yes...........


but when i went to find out the address he gave me his home address, and said the cars kept at home, so i asked why isnt it kept at the garage, he said he works from home and doesnt have a pitch...


DOES THIS SOUND DODGY to you? i am very interested in buying this car but unsure of where its dodgy or not?!



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true i can understand wot u r saying, but the major service with cambelt change (engine out jobbie) is done at 72k.......and its had that done, new gear box which goes around 80k so its only the clutch i need to worry about.


it seems a sound car, also got FSH!?! ?(


PS a black 1995 clio is VERY rare beleive me, iv been looking for about 2 months, and only seen 1 or 2 with this reg year.

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