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Dissapointing visit to the bodyshop =(


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I got the rest of my bodykit through today:


Delta Bumper

Evo 6 Spoiler

Rs2000 side skirts


to go with my Evo 6 Mk2 bonnet scoop.


Anyway, me and my mate went to the bodyshop first to ask how much all this stuff would cost me to get done (and the rear bumper, mirrors etc) and he was very skeptical about the bonnet scoop. He reckons its gonna be a very hard job to get it on etc and he isnt even sure if they can do it.


Anyway he said I would have to pop down next week for a quote as he would think about it. We were supposed to be fitting the spoiler and bumper and told him that, but when we got home the bodykit had arrived and its unlikely we can do it ourselves =/


And finally, while at the bodyshop one of the other workers said, "you are changing the colour right?" i was like, I gotta wait to next year to save some money. He was very surprised = / Its burgandy red... I just feel a bit depressed over all this.


I really dont know how much its gonna cost me, I was hoping for 400 quid tops cos thats all I really can afford.. urghh.


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My EVO rear spoiler was from Carlton Auto it was a week late in being delivered and now looks a tad rippled on top apart from that they are great also if i was you i would save up and get the car the exact colour you want completely with all of your extra bits, then you'll be 100% happy with your motor and thats good :thumb:
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He's good though, and I suppose you get what you pay for in these types of things. I could have got it done for about 300 with someone else but I was a bit unsure. The guy I'm using has done cossies and stuff so he knows his stuff.

You get what you pay for, simple as that........


£500 sounds ok to me, for a good job

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im having my boot smoothed....


full kit fitted


rear spoiler chopped alot


arche skirts fitted


all kit smoothed on


full respray




;( ;( ;(


theres alot of small bits and bobs in there, but i just sumarised it down :)


Thats not including the price of the kit, alloys, exhaust etc :( really alot of money spent.....but thats the price you gotta pay. :)


and i know im under paying, i know it should be more like 3kish i should be paying but the guys a good sport.

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hmm my mate reckoned it would be like 400 quid tops for boot flattering, fitted side skirts (and paint), plus painting to the bumper, rear bumper and bad boy bonnet and spoiler. He has gone there before.. but Ill have to wait and see. If its too much Ill have to leave out the bonnet scoop till next year.


He got his whole car re-sprayed for about 600 quid though. is that good? (peal essent respray).

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