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what car?


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Sup lads....


hard one for yous the day :P


my gf has seen this car that she likes but shes described it to me and i aitn got a clue...


she thought it was a Vw Golf Liquid....or a Volkswagen Liquid, she said it had liquid written on the back of it where the car name normally is....said the car was quite small and boxy....ive searched autotrader on "liquid" and didnt find jackshit....


p.s. the car was newish, and was seen in austria when she was there....(no doubt its gonna be a grannys car, she first wanted a micra now this sily thing)


anyone got a clue what it can be?

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Could have been an import from some other part of the world...........


Think about it, in many parts of Europe you can purchase a Renualt Twingo. Now this aint a van or anything, but its a bit like a cross between a old style clio and a suziki belingo.......


It has a cloth roof, and is actually quite nie looking, but they never sold em over here.........


Best advice, hit some VW owners sites and see if any of them have a clue!

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