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Heres my rear quad conversion designs....


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Well what do you folks think? This is what i reckon that Quads on a mk6 should look like.


I tried to think about this as best I could, and I reckon that by spliting the middle LED rings in half it would wok quite well, yea you would have to run some extra wiring through a part of the boot but it would be worth it for those looks, what do you folks think?


I based it all using the exsisting quad conversions equipement available on the Ford Ka, so parts would be easier to get a hold of!




On the left and right the smaller lights could be gotten in clear as well so that you could either colour code em to suit your car, or leave in clear!


Best part is, the we small clears can then be used as your reversing lights and your fog lights, depending what the law says about which on on which side..............


I spent a bit of time on this one, so what do you reckon?

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me and my brother were thinking about rear quads last year, it would be easy to do. All you need is the rear light cluster off a puma, they have 3 round lights either side. make a mould of your rears then put the puma ones into the mould. the only thing that stopped us was the cost of puma rear lights and me being skint at the time :(
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.....................hopefully not a bodge job :( What are we asking for?? They already do quad conversions for the mk6 :(

But not LED one's Pete :(



Heero, they look fapping ace mate :thumb:


Couldn't do something for the back of an estate could you???? ;) :roll:

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