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lucky chap


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yup...is a lucky chap...


this morning going round a large roundabout i hit a spot of blackice that spun the car onto oncoming traffic.....my quick reactions of slamming it into reverse saved the day.....luckily i didn't kerb it....Shite myself tho, im just driving along, chewing my nails or doing something silly, next split second im facing oncoming traffic....


least thats me learnt one thing the easy way, be careful when you see ice on the car.....glad this mistake didn't cost me :)


on the other hand a mr2 nearly came flying into the back of me today, was sitting waiting to get in my junction, i was looking in my rear mirror cause the guy was flying, he locked up all wheels when noticing me and had to slide the car slightly so the front end misssed my rear end.


Been a day of near misses for me, one my fault, one anothers......

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ya ross that was one of my options, but this is a blind roundabout mostly, trees prevent u seeing a quater of the way around it so i had be quick, or someone else could have just came round there, braked and slid on the ice into me..... i been taking it easy these last few days :) but least i learn't this lesson without drastic measures, as it could have well easily been in me escort when i get it back.....just hope me yoko's keep me to the road well :)
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