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Last minute advice.....


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im going to manchester 2mos to go see a car, the clio i woz on about yerstday...........




1995 RENAULT Clio 1.8 16v,

1995, 80000 miles, met black, FSH, 5 spoke OZ alloys, Thatcham alarm, CD player, very quick, well looked after, priced to sell, re-advertised due to timewasters . £2,995 . no offers.




anyway, im in need of some last minute adivce on how to bargin with a price, or just viewing really, as im VERY interested in this car!


im off out to the cinema in a bit to watch XXX so il read wot people have put in this thread when i get back.


Cheers in advance.

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Best bet is to spend ABSOLUTLY AGES looking at every single little thing in the car, check the condition of everything, no matter what, and list em down........


Use that to bargin down a bit, and bring some old clothes and have a look under the rear of the car at the exhaust as well, check for rust on mounting points etc, check the suspension for leeky dampers, or if theres ANY sign of leeking, claim its a busted damper, and get a few quid of it.....


Wheel alignment costs 25 quid, use that as a bargining point as well!


very quick


More than likely the gearbox has seen a hard time and after 80, k miles its not gonna be in prestine condition, especially on cars like this that have a hard time.............


If it feels even the slightest bit notchy or wont select gears get shirty, ask for recepits regarding the last time a clutch was put in, and if they cant produce it start making comments like


"the whole gearbox was very bad, that could be expensive to fix and if you havn't change the clutch in a while it suggests the car has been a bit neglected"


The mear fact that you sound like you know what you are talknig about is gonna worry anyone who is selling the car, and the more you point out to him, then the more you have as bargining.


Say you are interested, but dont seem to keen dont offer a price on the spot, get the phone number and go get something to eat.


Phone them back, and speak to who ever you where speaking to and offer them a price on the phone, they will find it harder to intimidate you when you are not dealing with them face to face!


And if you start speaking to them again, REINFORCE anything that is broken or remotly dodgy!


Just basicially remember, this guy is out to get as much of your cash as possible, and if you can sve yourself 250 quid, then thats your money in your pocket!


Good luck, and make sure its not a cut n shunt melon!



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i got about half way there, near alton towers, and i rang the bloke up like he asked, at about 9:30, neway he goes, oh iv sold it!!! im like wot the fcuk, i told u i woz coming and uv sold it!

he said , well i said ring me in the morning, and im like what do u think this is!! ;(

neway i woz well pissed off so i turned back :(



to make things 10 times worse, i woz coming back along the M1 south, and this saab is sitting on the outside lane at 100, and no other cars in the lanes, so i woz sitting behing him for about 3 mins and thought, fcuk it, and i undertook him.

soon as i pulled back infront of him, on came these blue flashing lights in the grill and head lights coming on and off............

i woz like oh Shite, and about crapped my pants ;( ;(


i hit the breaks, pulled pulled into the inside lane, let him past me thinking, hes gonna pull along side and point for me to pull on hard shoulder......

neway the nob just fly's past me and does nuffin ;( ;(


i think it woz some nob of a guy playing a trick as he werent in uniform or nething, man it proper Shite me up tho! ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

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