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A very SH!T DAY!!


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i went to look at a clio today and below is wot happened.........


i got about half way there, near alton towers, and i rang the bloke up like he asked, at about 9:30, neway he goes, oh iv sold it!!! im like wot the fcuk, i told u i woz coming and uv sold it!

he said , well i said ring me in the morning, and im like what do u think this is!! ;(

neway i woz well pissed off so i turned back :(



to make things 10 times worse, i woz coming back along the M1 south, and this saab is sitting on the outside lane at 100, and no other cars in the lanes, so i woz sitting behing him for about 3 mins and thought, fcuk it, and i undertook him.

soon as i pulled back infront of him, on came these blue flashing lights in the grill and head lights coming on and off............

i woz like oh Shite, and about crapped my pants ;( ;(


i hit the breaks, pulled pulled into the inside lane, let him past me thinking, hes gonna pull along side and point for me to pull on hard shoulder......

neway the nob just fly's past me and does nuffin ;( ;(


i think it woz some nob of a guy playing a trick as he werent in uniform or nething, man it proper Shite me up tho! ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

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