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Mk6 headlights.......


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Well folks, im gonna do it, made me mind up last night, im gonna fit mk6 lights to my mk5!


So the first thing I wanna know is, how much should a mk6 light unit cost from the scrap yards? Im only gonna get one side and have a mess about with it to see IF i can actually get it to fit, and how much wiring etc will be needed.............


So folks any ideas on prices?


BTW, if anyone also knows how much a mk6 bonnet / bumper would be also, that would be dead useful as well beofre I phone up the scrappers tomorrow.......!

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Well you see im kinda trying to make up my mind, i have a idea for an absolutly wild bumper and keeping the standard headlights, removing the side indicators and welding metal onto it to cover the front indicator recesses (moving them into the new bumper) and modifying the bonnet with an evo 6 bonnet vent and also that nasty oval is more of a rectangle shaped.........


OR plan two


Mk 6 the lights and then do the work.


I just wanna try and bring the front of the car into a more up-to-date style.


I also dont wanna sell the car, as ive spent loads on it already and its starting to be really good now, even though it still looks standard from the outside, every part of the braking system and suspension has been replaced.


Not to menction its got a new gear box and clutch in it, only 3000 miles old, so I dont really wanna sell her (and actually I wont for a very long time), besides I know the car well and know theres no problems with it for the moment bar my exhaust and alternator which im sorting soon.


If I bought another car it would be back to square one again.........




Decissions desissions, what would you folks do?

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