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mock theory test


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Ah yes, novas, the baine of every ones life..........


Got 33 outta 35 on my test, but got 11 minors on my test................


All for not using my mirrors to much, and for "approaching a roundabout to fast"


Dunno what he ment, still do it to this day!

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i got 35/35 first theory

then took a few driving tests


passed eventually


drove for 1 year 10 months

got 6 points for speeding 80+ in a 50mph

revoked license


passed theory again 35/35

passed practical with 7 minors


been driving 2 weeks since passing and got pulled sat night for having no tax.. The b*stards


They cautioned me and are reporting to DVLA


i was attempting to decieve them by using a tax disc from my previous car


it was still valid

and in the same tax bracket


but not transferable ....

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