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Just saw a cheap 2.0 mondeo up for sale...


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Was just browsing the old Auto Trader site and saw that there was 2.0 Ghia Mondy up for sale only 24 miles away from me fr only 450 quid (1993 medel with full electrics) and got me woundering about a few things there.........


Right, im reasonably sure that the way forward engine wise is a 2.0 litre transplant for the mondeo, as im sure many on the site will agree, especially considering im running a 1.4 snail.............


So I was woundering, does anyone have an info on preformance figures of the 2.0 litre engine and of the different varients etc...........


This would be most useful as a future referance, and im sure that Cossie rep would find it useful also.......


Does anyone know any info about it, IE bhp, mpg, hiv ( :D ) you know all the usual stuff!


Ta in advance folks!

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