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how much

cossie rep

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If u advertise your car in car mags u get lots more u get G plate fiesta nad novas going for £3k, I reckon u get £5k, but if i were u i'd go for the engine transplant as u just spent a Shite load on it :D

i am deciding on wheter to go and spending absolute thousands on a 2.0 and modify the engine and turbo it and still get only about 250-300bhp out of it with.




Get a cossie, i have seen a few that i like, like simons saph or my mates escort cossie. But still comes down to one thing the insurance.

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I know what I'm doing. Rather than throw thousands at this car, I'm gonna finish the styling, maybe an install, then the interior and sell it to finance a Cossie :P

if i find a excellent cossie at the right price i will sell up and buy and the cossie. Not going to bother with a install i think, its loud enough as it is. The interior might get some seats and that, but just waiting for the insurance to get back to me.

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