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how do u fit 2 amps


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couldn't tell ya mate, bought 2 amps of simon, but he was kind enough to leave them wired up :-)


i think you will need a block where 2 wires goes in and 1 wire comes out....dont know the name of them, maybe crossovers?


i got 2 of them on my board, and i think one links up to the earth, and one links upto the remote, so once the remote wire goes live both amps turn on....and the earth, well i think thats just there to stop it being a pain in the ass instead of having 2 earth wires, just have one :)

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If u only got 1 RCA out then u need a special Y splitter (autoleads do em I think) that splits the output from your head unit, but doing tis decreases the quality of the sounds.

For the remote u just splice the lead in your head unit and attach bot ass the amps only need the small amount of current running thru these to tell it to switch on.

As for the power leads its just the same as wiring up 1 amp :thumb:

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