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Nice Courtesy Car!

Cabrio Zo

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I got it all week! Only cos he trusts I can drive it, the quickest one I've taken out was 330bhp - maybe it'll get the 'I want a cossie' out of my system, most I've had one for is 2 and a half days!

One of my favourite colours too, Ebony. Took me half an hour to put the gear lock, steering lock thing, check all the doors and windows when parked it though!!


Oh and it needs more petrol already!!



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I know only got it on monday so it's only took me 6 days 8o 8o 8o


Not sure whats wrong, got very hot earlier due to an air lock cos i was flushing out the rad to put clean anti-freeze in for the winter. went round a corner on the way home and it died......... now it just won't start :vangry: :vangry: :vangry:


so i've put it away and i'm gona just use the saph untill i get it fixed

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