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Powerful - Got a quote...........


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Right, nipped down to my local powerflow dealers today and got a quote for my new system from basicially that Cat back..........


£330 ?(


Something similar to what I was expecting, but thats for a new back box, aswell as the full system from the cat back.


Is this right?


I had a mate who had a back box done on his MK5 Fiesta and payed nearly 200 quid but he had quad exhausts etc...........


This might sound daft but im not actually worried about the price, I was just given a £200 cheque i was owed from college as part of my travel expensess and its been cashed, so i reckon paying £130 of my money for it aint to bad!


What do you folks think?

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Dunno, didnt ask, dont need one anyways!




The only thing is bothering me is what style to go for?


Im wanting to get the ST24 bumper in the summer, BUT i dunno what size exhaust it will take, atm I was thinking of getting either a 3 1/5 inch slashed oval with rounded lip or a 4inch bad boy good old fashioned jap style slash.............


But then again, they did say I could have anything i wanted for that price, including quad exits etc.................





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No steve, it was up in Carnasour in Ballymena as i wanted to go to Halfords and Check out the stock in carnassour as well.................


Not to menction checking out the local talent as well...............


Im gonna give Dee's a phone call tomorrow as well, its booked into ballymena atm, but if i get a cheaper price, I will play em off against each other!



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