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5th Gear.......

Lee R

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I couldnt agree more the Focus RS is an excellent car, witha phenominal chassis!


just imagine it!


We all know the fun you can have in a RS Turbo with 200 bhp with a bit of tuning, but as any mark 4 fan will tell you, the car was a lot better driving in a straight line, than it was going round cornors..................


Now as for the Focus, :D who wants to imagine the absolute fun you could have with one of em tuned to 300 bhp? (an it is a matter of months lets face facts, bigger turbo, a chip and a few other tiny mods!)..............




I wounder what the cossie world will think of a FF wheel car that can blow away a 350 Bhp 4x4 Escort Cossie..................






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