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Had a great flow job today...............


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Well had the powerflow done today, and DAM what a difference it makes to the overall sound of the car, really nice and beefy!


I spent a lot of time showing em pictures of the ST24 rear and they managed to align the exhaust to the best the could for then i get it, IF I still get it!


But seriously, as for the sound, yummy. When I walked in I said to the guy this morning, can you make it sound like a big Ford V8 engine?


He laughed and siad, i will see what i can do.


Came back, and it sounds excellent now, with a really DEEP and LOW burble even when stationary, and as im driving it around today, shes been getting deeper and louder!


Roll on the Induction Kit!




Powerflow, top job, and top quality!


And yea, I choose a single exit 4 inch oval with a rolled invards lip, and a jap slash on it!


(It was the first the guy siad he had ever done!)


Custom made is an understatement!



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Alas I can't my sister split up with her boyfriend with the Digital camcordor, which is bloody inconsiderant of her if you ask me!


Just gonna have to ask Santa for one.................


"dear Santa,


listen bitch, you fucked up last year and didn't bring my that bloody cossie, so if you don't get it right this year, im gonna be sending you little bits of your red nosed fruity friend Rudolph in you mail everyday until next christmas............"


:D :drunk:

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