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stevey boy

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Do you want the scoobie up in the left hand side under your user name?


IE so, just go to "your control panel" click "edit avatar settings" click the box saying "Your image avatars" and then place in the address that the little blue subaru is, such as "www.littlebluescoobie.com/jap-crap.jpg" :D


it will work then mate!

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Hilerious! :roll:


I almost laughed and everything!


Seriously though, watch the larne line, they are double teeaming us now with two police bikes, and a unmarked mondeo (mk2 shape) doing the rounds!!!!!!!


Im driving like a saint atm as I dont need points, they always do this over here before xmas and winter to "allert us to bad driving"


Kinda works, but they could just give us a Fcuking bumper sticker instead of 3 points!

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