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Central Locking Problems!!!


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Another problem ;( When I go to lock the car from the drivers door it will lock all the doors apart from the drivers door and it doesn't make any noise at all (locking noise) but when locking from the passenger door it works perfectly fine, any ideas what could be up ?( I know I could just use the passenger door to lock it, but its a pain in the arse X(
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Common problem caused by water and rain and dirt getting into the keyhole around the flap where you put the key in, on older cars (like my 94 etc) the "flap" in the lock often doesnt flap back and then water gets in it unfortunatly.


Dead easy mate to fix. WD40 the absolute hell outta it. Drown and I do mean DROWN the b*stard in it.


Ford where looking £80 quid to sort mine, so i took the door card off the door, and cleaned, scrubbed it with a toothbrush and wd40'd the whole thing, regreasing any areas with fresh grease and it works perfectly.........


I bet thats all the dealer would have doen as well......................


Make sure you squite lots into the key hole, and mover the mechanism around so it gets EVERYWHERE!!


Good luck mate!

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