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FYI Astra si

Cabrio Zo

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Wheels not big enough?


Warn you now, if you want anything bigger than 16's and a 40 slam your gonna need to get your arches rolled flatter than a 14 year olds tits.


17's and 18's can be done, but if you remember, there was a orion in fast ford with a leather interior on 18x7's and he couldn't even get people in the back seats with the arches flattened and pushed out as well!


I reckon if your gonna do it, go for 16's, leave the 17's for the people with no back seats in their RST's and lower the car more mate, for that agressive stance, will suit your new bad boy bonnet as well!


No only that, IF you do fit 16x8 cossie wheels then your gonna have almost an extra inch of tyre on the road helping road handeling abilities, and if your on 16's instead of 17's then your gonna be able to accelerate quicker than anyone with 17's or 18's.



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Quite smart matey but a few pointers:


whats the 1600T all about, unless its turbo lose the T (i hate people putting badges on their car that it isn't i.e 1.2 swing nova with GTE badges ;( :vangry: )


how far does the tailpipe stick out 8o better watch that someone doesn't fall over that and needs lowering a touch more.


and correct me if im wrong but there is no engine in that car at a guess.


But other than that it looks quite smart and tidy mate :D :thumb:

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I only posted this to explain to Astra si what I meant about smoothing the RS valance (theres some wood an fibreglass in that one - well was)


Ok, questions! The front bumper, diesel on the road apparently! You can guess the rest.


Yes it was lowered and no no engine in it - thats another reason the tail pipe sticking out yes they are (were) genuine Escort cossie alloys and yes it was turboed! (Note boost valve on the dash in first pic - it is a real one!)


This picture is about 4 years old now, 4 years Xmas time this Orion went to the great Ford car park in the sky - in lots of dented bits!





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