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my new filter

cossie rep

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extra 15-20bhp?


Too much Gran Tourismo there mate..................


You would get that sorta figure outa a heavly tuned and turbo charged engine, however for a near standard engine, eg a Mk6 130bhp model (with no mod's), you would be lucky to get an extra 4% for 5% increase in bhp.


Ie, about 136 bhp, which after the fly wheel loose translates into not a lot of crake horse power.


However they usually always help increase torque across the whole rev range as the increased air flow, means more colder air is getting into the engine, allowing for a better "fuel explosion" in the engine, thus increasing combustion levels.

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Mk6 1.4 is a Zetec engine I think, so if its anything like the focus around about 70 ish then.


I reckon witha filter and exhaust you are reaisticially looking at around an extra 7 or 8 bhp, with plenty of torque (well it will have a difference at least compared to before!).


Remember, your car's like mine, its a 1.4 Escort, not a 800bhp Skyline (sadly), so at the end of the day, we aint talking major gains, but plenty of decent noise, and the car will sound a lot better, and might even scare off nova drivers!



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