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Old School MK2 escorts........


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As some of you may have know, I plan on having my car finished by this summer (bodywork and alloys are all thats left and i've decided not to mk6 the lights and just make a bumper using the scoobie idea, some cyclone skirts and a modified mk6gti bumper with the spoiler design i made the other day for someone..............), and will be using it as my daily driver.


However I have the urge to make something in my spare time................




Thats right, I want a mk2 escort that i can rebuild, teach myself how to paint and painting processes, do bodywork, and learn some basic mechanical skills on, as well as building something in my spare time and when funds allow.


This is something i've always wanted to do, as i've always wanted a rear wheel drive mk2 escort or a rear wheel drive mk2 golf for years.


Theres nothing like the feeling of knowing that you built every thing on the car, so you know that if you did a good job, then it will work perfectly!


I want to build the car up, get it running, and then begin to slowly modify the car, into something that can be used at weekends as well as owning something that i can say i've built and fixed all on my own.


(kinda like that white mk2 that was in preformance ford and the mental cossie orange mk2 a month or two ago)


Not only that, my sister will have passed her test, so there will be space in the garage, and we have some space in our sheds at the side of the house, so i could do all the work with plenty of space.


My dad has plenty of different tools lying around, so I have no problems get things, and i've lots of friends who are car sparks, mechanics and painters so if I got stuck i've got plenty of advice.


But I want to know is this, I really want this shape in the pciture above. Its a mk2 mexico, but i wanna know, how rare are these car's to find now days, and what sorta money are we gonna be talking about for one with an mot (and in a condition that isn't gonna require me striping it to the chassis and seem wleding every last part of it back together!), nothing fancy mind you, just running, road legal and basic bodywork in an alright condition..............


I'm not worried about what it would cost to insure or drive the thing as it will be getting re-built for about 6 months to a year, so i could easily get a classic car premium with a limited millage when i did get it up and running.


(hell I will be 22 or 23 so that won't be a problem then!)


At the moment im keeping my eyes open for unfinished projects in my area etc, but im just curious, has anyone here owned one before?


Im searching the RSOC and regional groups etc for info, but im sure theres bound to be some info here from people............



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my 2 old ones.


Red one was 150ish @ the fly, with 2.1 and twin 40's.....note the 1.3 badge ;) , was immence fun... :D



Yellow one was 155bhp @ rear wheels :jaw: , it was very very scary,(Ross will vouch for that!!!) but mega fun. Was 2.1 race spec, twin 48's, the list goes on.......






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Well i was thinking of either buying a car at around about £800 too £1000 pounds, or spending this sorta money on an incomplete car, with all the parts and then building and spraying it myself.........


IE, basicially i want to make a tidy little rear wheel drive motor that I can stick a nice zetec engine in it (eventually!), and go to events like trax and ford fair etc.............


Something retro, but with a modern twist, but thats wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the line IF I did find the right car and sorted all the mechanicials etc.


Not that i wouldn't do that with my current motor, but I would like some track action, and I reckon that the 1.4 just aint gonna cut the mustard, besides, i've always loved the mk2 shape............


Me neighbour had one in red when i was a lot younger, and it was absolutly excellent, and always wanted one from the first day I saw it, maybe even more than a Cossie, as i knew that I could proabley afford to run one!



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Well i've pretty much decided on exactly what i want to do to the mk5 escort, and i would be working pretty much full time from May time onwards along with my job in tesco, so if i worked for the summer, i could easiler get myself couple of grand (maybe up to 2k), buy the car, and work on it over winter, as theres plenty of room in the garage.


Not only that, but then I would have some spare money incase anything happened to the mk5, heaven forbid! (touches wood - no jokes wax :) )


I don't want an RS2k model as I don't like those four little lights at the front of the car, I like the two round lights at the front of the car.


Much more old school




Not only that, I want something that can destroy all this modern crap like Saxo's, and Vauxhauls etc.




Now I know that people will say "stick a 2 litre mondy engine in your car" but with insurance over here in NI being SO awaful, thats just never gonna happen for at least a few years, so IF i did this myself, then I would have a car thats really decent looking as well as a something a bit special.



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Heero, forget about modern motors in a mk2, it ruins the classic status imo, you can't beat a well modded pinto on 48's!!!


True, and i would definatly be keeping the engine standard for a while, until all the bodywork etc was up and sorted, but i've given this some serious though about the engine, simply because well, look at that mk2 Fiesta a while back.


The red one from www.zetecinside.com




Now I reckon this is a great idea, especially cause if i do get a motor, the engine is gonna be about 20 years old, and I would rather have something a little bit different.


I guess its all about personal taste as well at the end of the day, but I will agree to the bodywork not having anything done to it at all, other than some fresh panels or paint, and some tasty chrome bumpers etc.

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