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i got 2 amps and just now ive got one amp running everything cause i can't seem to get the right combo of channels and rca's connected!! :(


on my amp, ive got a input of Channel 1+3 for Right, and Channel 2+4 for Left, so i rigged both speakers upto those channels, and with hopeful thinking that i would only need 1 set of RCA's but nope, i still had to have both sets plugged in :( for both speakers to work.


is it safe to have both speakers running off a bridged channel (both speakers connected to each other on chan 1 and 3 i think this will allow me to use only one set of rca's) and then can have the other set of rca's to produce sounds on the other amp for me sub!


just now im running 3 channels off the amp, 2 channels for my speakers and 1 for 2 12" subs......it dont sound good....so need that other amp working!!

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im convinced im missing an extra cable!!! maybe a splitter (if u can get them) for the rca's


just tried to re-route it all, used my second amp to power the speakers, i thought i could have that set up with 1 set of rca's but i need a set plugged into Channel A and a set plugged into Line Out for it all to work! :(


so i must be missing a set of rca's that goes to the other amp, theres no possible way to get both amps working with 2 sets of rca's ive tried about every single combo! :/

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nah it aint the Y lead problem....its an amp or wiring problem?


took it to see the guy where i bought the lead from, showed him it and he said there was something seriously wrong if i need to plug a set of phonos into my output to get my speakers working :( he said i should only need one set in the 2 channels im running, and another set in the other amp.


the way simon told me to wire it up, so there must be something wrong somewhere :((


And i dont know where! its not the phonos on the headunit! both sets are plugged into output!

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get some photos up mate, then ring me, PM me for number........

ok mate, ill try get some pictures up online!


will try for sundayish as i have a boy coming out on sunday to have a look at it.


Theres definately something wrong in it, dont know if its my wiring or the amp, but all i had to wire was the remote cable, power cable, earth, and the pre-ins to pre-outs, simon had left both amps wired up for me....so there wasn't much chance of me wiring it up wrong, ive went over it a few times and i can't see any wrong wiring.

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