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Brighton Cruizers

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Hey :)

im back, i have only just remember about this message board since it was down for ages!!

this new board looks a lot better! well done to ya all!

my car has changed a bit since i was last here, but ya prob dont even remember it then...lol

ne wayz, i got a big ice instal put in and stuff like that :




I dropped the car the other day and got some new spacks shocks too :) had all locks and stips taken out and the boot smoothed out aswell, more pics to follow soon ;)


also were u lot at max power live last year in the outside bit?



oh and ne sussex based people email me asap jamiepryer@hotmail.com ;)



Brighton Cruizers - http://www.got.to/cruise

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the 12"JLw6v2 is a good few hundred pounds 8o but worth every penny as that things seriously kicks :)

just got a new helix eaqualiser aswell and that thing is amazing too, really helps the whole system.

I got about 138db at a recent sound off in London, but i reckon i can squeeze a few more DB outa it ;)



sorted ford, wats ya email addy/msn? - jamiepryer@hotmail.com

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