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mmmmmmm ?!?!


been pondering over some new motor's for next year, not quite sure what i want . ?(


would be a escort cossie but i dont have money like that !!


either !


focus 1.8 or +

FTO 2.0 v6

audi A3 1.8 turbo

or maybe a mondy V6


can get them all for about £6000 and insurance ranges about 750-1000 fully comp


so now all i have to do is choose one !


suppose i could have a RS2000 to pass some time and save up


?( ?( ?( ?( ?(

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not at all just save and stuff , in work at the mo getting extra pennies !


been here since 6 and i have missed the footy !! not happy


6 grand isnt a lot , got some saved and sell mine on for a little all adds up .


when i have loads of cash i will have my cossie !!


so what do we think then ? FTO is one of my fav's at the mo

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up the budget ! just as easy as that is it 8o


if i cant get what i want early nxt year then i will get me a RS2000 or turbo just to run around in . untill i do have the cash.


would have thought most V6's drink fuel but thats the price u pay for a motor like that .


:P RX7 :P

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