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Opinions wanted on this colour.

Lee R

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Talk about dedication, your on about not getting your prefered colour cos the club has a lot of red cars already 8o

100% Loyal Pete ;) :D :D ;) ;)


Thing is Si, me and Ross have travelled far to look at cars before, they tell you on the phone it's mint etc, only when you get there it is covered in stratches and dents. :curse: I don't want to get done for GBH ;)

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Could've had Doo's for less £££'s 8o

Really wanted an Si Pete, and a newer one too, Doo's is only 'N' I think.



I also wanted the 115PS engine, and I had Petrol Blue on the Mondy, I like a change. If Doo accepted less than what he's asking, who knows ;)

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Not a big fan of that one. I reckon Doo's is a better buy. Just sell them wheels and get some cheap 16's or 17's and you will still have a few hundred quid left. And its gonna cost a bit to mod the car to your liking.


85miles ain't that far away. I have travelled many more miles than that when looking at cars but I know how you feel when you get there and you find something wrong wiv it like dents etc.

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