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hmm...can't be right!


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phoned CIS insurance to declare my mods, i was dreading this call.....


just now my premium is £800, and with my mods declared the premium is £800....


i couldn't believe it! but i think shes made a mistake, so im going to phone again, just to make sure, she wants me to write into her the cost of the kit, and overall work done to the car...what i told her to declare is:



Paint work





that can't be right, and im going to tell them im putting a cat1 alarm on it, so my premium will drop! she asked me if it was a rs kit, or cosworth kit i was putting on it, as they up the premium alot she said, i just told her it was a custom kit with front, rear and sides, even told her bout the bonnet vent too.....im waiting on jeremy beattles to walk out the now! :D

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Probably no mistake there, im with CIS and they allow any body modification you want to do, its only stuff inside the engine bay that they wanna know about, but even then only if you do an engine swap.


Only thing is if u were to claim for theft or damage to ur car, they would treat it as the standard model ur car started as.



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