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New Rims


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My new wheels site

Pics of old wheels etc


What yall Think I cant stop lookin at my car now ive got em on!


I cant afford to eat and im proberbly gonna be homeless but hey my cars looks Badass!


Anyone else ever seen this rims?


id like some info on em as i cant find em on the net..

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as the cars black i went for a light smoke i think it looks classy rather than OTT

IMO limo tints are for limos

autoshades.co.uk did em

lifetime guarantee

cost 200ish all in

plus 30£ cos they picked it up from my work and dropped it off



The other thing you gotta remember is you can't tint the front windscreen

and if u tint the sides and back really dark the front will stand out as untinted.

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lol I anwsered that question in your post about ya licence mate!


Good Luck getting it back is all i can say

and enjoy the test i did it was fun pretending to be a learner again

just expensive!


Ian they cost me £750.00 all in with lockin nuts


17" Matrix Turbos

215/40/17 Avon ZZ1's


they also fixed a nail in a tyre on my ford set


The only reason i went to the place was to have a punctre fixed

ended up with 4 new wheels.


I am selling the Ford Set There Very Very good condition almost new

one wheel has the slightest of curb on the outside rim that would be a sinch to put right..


they are 15" with 4 good tyres all mixed brands but good names

one tyre is brand new one 2 months and the rears new when i got it in july

of course there 4 studs!


Im thinking of £200 ONO and ill deliver if near enough and cost effective


anyone intrested

or think they know someone who might be?

theyd look very good on a festa i reckon.

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