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Powerflo exhaust


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I got a powerflow backbox for 200£ from RSR in Redhill Surrey

i selected how noisy and stuff

as this one is quiet the nighbours r happy

theyre gear is quality and better than that longlife cheap shiz

i selected from one of 50 ish tailpipes

double is about 380£

and yes there is a heatshield recommended


next up there gonna cut my cat out and put a decat pipe in

then ill find a cat for MOT days somehow

they will also fit flamers if u can buy the kit


thats what im after.... but with a cat the flamer wont work! :thing:

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my twin exit was 380. can choose your sound but they did a Pee porr job of it and would not recomend them.

it depends who fits them mate, I know Ross is happy with the powerflow he's got ;)

very happy!!!! think its definately down to the dealer you go to, Daryl, you`re not a million miles away from Norwich, well nearer than me i think anyway!!!!


Check out link in my sig, thats who did my Zorst :)

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at the end of the day Powerflow are the maker of the parts and distribute to dealers up n down the country, its down to the skill of the garage to make the customer happy as did Power and Performance with me and Damien and Top Gear did for Pete


Suss the garage out 1st :)

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