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Does anyone know of any disadvantages of....


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I concidered getting a G60 supercharger Corrado, but the one i considered had 60K on the clock and never had a super-charger rebuild.Was told by Dub sport that they can give up at 60k, so usually it's best to get them re-built around this mileage or it could be very costly if one failed and trashed the engine ;( (Rebuild /labour around £500)

Superchargers work off the crank pulley via a belt and force feed the engine,similar to a turbo which force feeds via exhaust gases and a turbine.Superchargers 'work' from lower revs,so there is no noticeable 'lag',where as turbos need to 'spin up' before 'force feeding' occurs.

General use turbos are cheaper than super-chargers,that's why there are more turbos in use,ie diesels etc.Super chargers tend to be for the prestige express XJR supercharger,mercs.....

If serviced correctly s/chargers are very reliable units, and are known for their characteristic 'whine'. Al.

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I love super chargers. Had a blast in a mates Polo g40 about 5 months ago, and it was an excellent car. The power delivery is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO smooth.


Theres no wating around for the tubo to spin up, as your getting power from the beginning.


The only down side to super chargers (appart from the cost of a turbo at similar prices), is that, you reallly need a lot of power to appreciate what It can really do to transform an engine.


Ie, a standard xr3i with 130 bhp, you throw a super charger on it, your looking around about 170bhp...............




Stick a super charger on a heavily modified natural aspirated engine, and your gonna get some serious, and I mean SERIOUS power increases.


But it will never be capable of 400 bhp like a turbo could, but then again, do you wanna be forking out for a new engine every other week with a 400 bhp turbo?

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