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Uploading pictures????


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Could it have been on your car b4 darryl....


i crashed the car last night in to a tree, luckly it was a small treee and it just snapped in half just cracked the front bumper and lost one of my LED's on the bumper, a few dents under the car but all is well the car is fine the wheels are fine it just means i will have to hurry up and get the XR2 bumpers



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wheels are fineso is the car just the bumper abit smashed up,


got a bumper today


£15 from scrap yard


go new air filter top so i will try drilling that to see what is sounds like..


i am going to spray the bumper green b4 i put it on..


there was a car at the scrappy the same as mine same colour with propour colour coded bumpers but where in Shite condition.

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