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Good time to buy?????

Mk6 Si Ross

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Cos the RS is out now people are selling there ST`s, one above has only 9,500 miles on the clock for £11,500, they £17,000 new i think. Minus 5 quid or so!!!!!!

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Yea, must admit actually, they are a bit like the xr3i of its day. Mind you, i wouldn't say no to one, and lets face facts, the car's mechanical components are not exactly a million miles away are they?


The st170 is a car aimed at the younger driver that fancies something sporty and a bit more powerful than a normal Focus, but can't afford the RS Focus, and the RS focus is aimed at the driver who wanted the ST170 but held of cause they wanted the RS Focus!


Its the old Xr3i / RS Turbo all over again.


But lets face facts, they are both great cars, but where as the RS Focus IS a real drivers car, take it to a wet track and the ST 170 will keep up with it (as proved in one of the Ford mag's recently), but they are different cars aimed at different people.


Its like trying to compare a RS2000 Escort to a Escort Cossie................

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