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Just back from the hospital..


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Was at work driving for Tescos Home delievery, on my way home and the van flipping catches on fire.


I quickly stopped, jumped out from beneath the smoke and ran about 50 yards and saw all these burning fuel dripping from the engine.


called the fire brigade and then the whole bonnet caught fire. and guess what???! my mobile phone was in there X(


anyway luckily this ambulance was passing, and they gave me oxygen etc cos i had a asma attack due to all the smoke.


the whole van was burned out , but the ambulance took me to hospital and i checked out okay :]


anyway might get tommorrow of work, i gotta wait and see.. damn at least I probably get the money for my mobile on company insurance.

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Holy crap mate, thats bad luck!


We had a Tesco lorry drive into our delivery yard last week in the store I work in, with a ruptured fuel tank, and it spilt diesel everywhere!!!!!!!


Last was saturday fortnight ago, and even with cleaning agents and stuff down we are all still sliding around on it!!!!!



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