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My car is starting on its christmas modifications now, i have got the window tinting film to go on, colour coding my bumpers + wingmirrors and putting on some alluminum peadals and finnishing my boot install.


was wondering if any one has any tips on the above things which will make them a little easy or make them a better job.




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windows aren't easy dispite what you've been told :kill: I've done a few :kill:


things you need


A sharp blade

soft squdgy (you know what i mean to rub over the window)

it must be soft as things like credit cards that i've seen people use will scratch the film.

spray bottle filled with very soapy water.


Side windows are easy, the back is a pig as its so big and bends more than you think :vangry:


Oh and dont do it in the wind :thumb: :thumb:


Take your time :tired:

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