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Glasgow court officials appeared red faced last week when a prosecution for speeding was thrown out. The court heard that a driver had been stopped for speeding in Essex some months beforehand. After giving a false name of 'Jay Mack', he was allowed to go on his way pending payment of his fine.


The fine wasn't paid and officials tracked down the only Jay Mack in the country - a 16 month old baby from Scotland.


Despite numerous protests from his mother, officials had ignored her pleas that her son wasn't the guilty driver and proceeded with the prosecution. Only when the baby appeared in court was the case dismissed.

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anythings gotta be better than that annoying high pitched squeaky voiced woman in the mornings and Jo Whiley`s just too opinionated for my liking!!! Always switch back for Mark n Lard though :thumb:

Gone are the good days of...


6am till 9am - Zoe Ball


9am till 12 noon - Simon Mayo


12 noon - 2pm - Kevin Greening (when bitch Whiley was on baby leave)


2pm till 4pm - Mark and Lard


4pm till 6pm - Chris Moyles


6pm till 8pm - Dave Pearce......





Me and Ross would often start work with Zoe Ball and Finish with Dave Pearce ;( ;( ;( :D :D :D :D

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