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Guess what I saw today....


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I was with my mate at work, driving from Ampthill (where i work) to a school in Dunstable, and within the space of 15 mins we saw:


1) A Brand New Mclaren F1


2) A yellow porsche Gt2


3) Another porsche (think it was a carerra)


4) A red Ferarri 355 Spider


That made my day, I've never seen a McLaren F1 in real life. To be honest i didnt think they still made them. But it was a brand new number plate!




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i seen some mad stuff recently.


Went through a village called Thorpe near Thorpe Park and on the industrial estate is a Ferrari and Maserati Servicing Center!!!


Also going through, i think it was called Great Easton near Stanstead airport, a blooming Rolls Royce dealership in the middle of nowhere!!

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