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poor fuel economy


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I just worked out my fuel consumption for my last two tanks of petrol.

24.something mpg

26.something mpg

For every tank of petrol I do about 80% stop, start town driving but i never really go over 2500rpm, about 15% of normal driving (staying below 4000rpm) and about 5% b-road blasts.

I have got no engine mods, do you thiunk a krypton tune would help me get more mpg or is it the town driving that causing the problems?


Cheers Scott :nutter:

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I know what you mean, I got pissed off with my low fuel efficency and spending £200+ a month on petrol, I started doing some tests into the way I drive and how much fuel I use, here are the early results



Driving Style: Normal Ragging ( 5500 revs + in just about every gear, dropping to 4th constantly on motorway, 90-100mph motorway driving)


Tank price: £30

Miles Traveled: 169 miles



Driving Style: Mixed ( ragging in some places sensible driving in others, NO dropping to 4th on motorway 80mph motorway driving )


Tank price: £30

Miles Traveled: 200 miles



Driving Style: F**KING BORING ( sitting at 60mph on motorway, not going about 2500 revs, not pressing the acclerator down at'll just resting foot above it (less than 1cm down )


Tank price £30

Miles Traveled: 258 miles



I've just finnished the 'F**KING BORING' test and its got me really wound up, I've been wishing for the fuel to go down so I can put my foot down just once and listern to the engine roar, its been bloody hard work staying at 60mph especially when you get cars trying to race... the testing is now over and I'm using the driving style of ragging some times and sensible driving others (i.e. going to work).


(BTW thats with a 1.6 cvh, large high speed fuel jet, K&N and a few other bits)

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