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What am i gonna do 2nite???

Mk6 Si Ross

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I've just got back from the pub, and im a bit merry!


And im going to a works xmas do 2moro. Which i cant wait for! It's for my saturday job, which is a supermarket. And 3 of the stores are having a party joint. And guess what, my EX girlfriend is gonna be there, and she is foolishly bringing her new boyfriend who she left me for.


Hehehe. I found out 2day that he is a manager of another one of our stores, so my plans are do knock him out tomorrow. I will probably get fired cos he is a manager, but i really dont give a shite. it will make me feel better. Plus if i come of worse, I have a lot of support from some of my mates at work who are going. Who arent small!


Dan :D :upyours: To martin, her new boyfriend

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