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I'm very bored so......


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well it was the time of the year where i was getting near my driving, so i thought what car can i get, and with the love i had for escort cossies, i thought id do some search on cossie replicas on the internet, get rought ideas etc, and the word escort came up in the search with escort evolution which i entered, and sent Ian an txt for some info on cossie replicas, aswell as registering on the forums and harrassing simon (rs2000) about his imperial blue cossie replica.....which was sweeeeeeeeeet


but things changed as i seen some of the guys cars on here, got to know all the moding parts for the escort, i then moved into a modding world of my own, modding my car to the way i want it....:)

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I'm nearly 20. Been driving nearly 2 years. Passed 1st time. But i have just had my licence revoked for speeeeding.


First found escort evolution by searching for about an hour for an escort club. First I found the mkv register, but i found a link here. And for some reason preferred this club! Even though its run by a bunch of tossers :D jk


Dan ;)

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