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Found a way in


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must be a crap network set-up if you can get round the firewalls? how did u do it, just out of interest?

this'll make you laugh, i can get on my own site in work, and on my site i have a link to this one, so i used it :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: and it worked.

If i try to go straight onto this site i get blocked out :vangry:

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Its people like u who make my life a misery!! :vangry:


I work in the IT dept.


It's Ok, i've given the FBI your details, and you will be arrested on suspicion of hacking


Dan :evil:

:upyours2: :upyours2: :upyours2: :upyours2: :upyours2: :upyours2:

anyway ignore this thread cos i got busted this afternoon and locked out again :upyours:

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