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i think i may have one left, but youd want 2 for headrests, plus i dont have the mounting bits, thats why mine are good for installs and in dash ;)

I have a ps2 in my boot, powerd from a power inverter which is wired in from the front, then to get the sound into the stereo ive just orderd a fm modulator :thumb:

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don't know about a cheap screen as I paid a grand for mine (motorised alpine) as for the PS 2 you can power them off an invertor which converts 12v into 240v about £40 or you can dodgyly open up the ps2 and connect the power directly and just hope you don't get a surge that will blow the mofo sky high :thing:


They sell laser pattern things in argos for £30 think don't know how you would plug them in, (unless you got an invertor)


Heres my set up, (ps2 soon to be dash mounted)






and heres the power invertor currently running from the ciggy lighter


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