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cd changer


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Okay Ladies and Gentlemen. Here goes:


From Halfords (wher i work) you have three options:


1.) Get a Sony "Sound-On-Top Package". This is a 6-disc Sony changer (£179.99) and an interface lead (£49.99). Total cost: £229.98.


2.) Get a new CD changer/new head unit combo. Prices start at £189.99 for a shiyte JVC one. If you want a decent one they are about £249.99+


3.) Get a Sony FM modulator CD changer - £249.99 but the quality is only marginally better than decent radio reception.



But seen as im a nice guy, i have a Original Ford 6 Disc changer that will slot right in. This will cos you £150 but it also includes a 7000 series head unit. Neither have been used much.


The choice is yours my friend....


Mr P Naine. :P

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us neither but we have limited number of people with audio knowledge/fitting ability so i tend to get dragged into that. give us a rind if u need stock btw. i have a stock plile of Vibe stuff..... a new Mk4 VP4 amp and (my personal favorite) twin 15" subs in a band pass box. sounds mentalist. love it lol.


whats ur name...


im paul so dont go askin for paulo

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