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Some bitch ran into the back of me, looked at me, smiled and drove off!!!!


i was indicated to go out a junction, and a bint in a new 206 was behind me, she was going left, i was waiting to turn right, and she tried to squeeze thru the gap that was between the escort, and the kurb....all i heard was a bang, and my car getting pushed forward slightly.....she drove up to my side, looked to see if a car was coming, i was looking at her, with a face of dis-belief, she smiled and drove off!!! pics of the damage will come tomorrow....what a bitch, just a large scrape along the bumper......im glad i didn't get my car back on sunday now....as no matter what the outcome would have been that would have been my newly painted car that had been away for just under 5 months or something.....


so im glad kinda, but still annoyed that it happened.

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Count yourself lucky I suppose, I had only had my GTi four weeks, when some bitch changed lanes on my wife, straight into the rear panel and spun her around.


No damage to her car, Dented wing, rear door, sills and the rear axle was f**ked on ours, ended up with a buggered car over chrimbo.


Must have got her license from a packet of cornflakes. :vangry: :vangry:

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A large majority of bad drivers ARE women FACT.Most honest women usually agree too,my wife for one is always moaning about women drivers cutting her up, unpredictable driving.

Yes some men drivers are crap too,....................but as i said the majority of women are bad.I just don't think driving as a 'skill' comes naturally to most of them.Have you seen them with their shopping trolleys in Tescos,nuff said.Al


*taking cover* :devil:

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