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ok, i dont know much on my sounds, im intreasted in a set of front components....


i need to know whats a good set? and how do i get them onto my doors? also, do i run wires to my amps? or plug them into the existing connecter on my headunit?


all info and help on them would be appreciated..

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I got some Maystar QXC252 components. I just finished fitting them today. THey are a right pain to fit. You have to take your door pods off, take out the old speaker and put the new one in there,wire the wires down the door and follow where the old speaker wires goes to until you find you way in to the car. Now with the wires going to the speakers and tweekers you wire to the crossover for each side so you got a crossover fo the left side and right side. Now I powered mine from my amp so I brought some Oxygen Free Cable and hooked it from the amp to each crossover. Hooked the amp up with power and ground etc and got the RCA lead( Think that what you call them) to the headunit. Adn then they worked but it took me ages to work it all out as I never installed any before. They sound good so far but I am going to test the system tomorrow away from my nieghbours.
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