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New Year Resolutions


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Well its gonna be posted soon so i might as well do it!


Does anyone beleive in em? I myself rearely do such things, i usually just decide to do something and do it from then on, not put it off to the new year and be lazy..............


However I have made a few this year..............


Go on a rally experience day and write of a rally car - BIG STYLE!


Kick at least one asshole in the bollicks a day to prevent them having children and increasing the asshole population ratio.......... (VERY IMPORTANT OVER HERE!)


Go out with a girl for her personailty and sense of humor............. (all my other girls have been shallow bitches)


Make sure I vacume the car as often as I give it a wash!


To not break the speed limit outside of towns as often as I do............


and finally, to try and learn some sort of marticial arts in the summer time as well as improving my fitness.




Some of these things im already working on, I reckon in stead of new years resolutions, they should be goals for the future!


Anybody else?



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What cossies you buying ladz :thumb:


I'm gonna make my cossie quicker this year so i'm not so late as normal :devil:

escort cossie mate, seen a couple but i am a fussy git and just wan the perfect one

its the only way to buy a cossie be as fussy as a fussy fussy foooker, i looked around mine for well over 3 hours before i even got init :devil:

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