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Tthhe nite b4 xmas


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I went out last nite had wicked time played a few drinking games involving shots and girls flashing there tits :P , then went up the club cnat rember much but i had bit of a hangover the morning, and now i think im pissed again, glad im not working tommorow :D, but my mate told me i knock over a table and my chair in the pub 8o :D
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3/4 of a bottle 8o ?( :D


I went out on Xmas Eve too, I decided to be nice and bought everyones drinks in the club we went to! Still didnt get laid tho ;(


Ended up tryna sort out a massive argument between my mate and his girlfreind whos also a mate, talk about being in the middle of it!


Drank a fair bit but didnt have a hangover on Xmas day, strange ?(



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