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stuck in the mud


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Have i had fun nite tonite, im plastered in mud and the inside of car plasterted in mud 8o Went to see who was around town there was few peeps out any way my mate decide to take his Rs turbo for a spin, and that exactly wot he did he lost it doing about 80 and ended up in a field after clearing a hedge, lucky no one was hurt, but i got a txt so i was 2nd person at the scene, i couldnt even get my car down track to the field, any way this lad decide to take his car in the field and got stuck, then loads of other lads with cars we knew park up in this lay by and was getting abit dangerous as we halfway across the main rd. Then we thuoght we better move incase the cops done, so i took a few peeps back who were in the car tha spun off, and had to help pull this other car out the mud that went ot help, now im covered in mud and the inside is plastered in mud. He eventually got his car out with a very old land drover but i dont wot damge is the bodywork look fine but it lowered 60mm prob why it never rolled 8o ;(
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well it werent icey last nite i reckon it must of slipped on some mud, i been round that corner about 80 and it usually ok, any way was going to work the morning and saw an exhaust in the layby so i guess it was off his car, and i had a look inside my car and my nice blue mats r covered in mud, along wiht my seat and carpet so i knoiw wot i be doing tommorow, with my new valeting stuff 8o
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