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one serious leak

Orion Si

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just went into the back of the orion and at the rear left footwell is a massive puddle of water


all the window and sunroof were shut ?(


the only thing i can think of is that the sunroof is leaking


how can i fix this problem ?(


any help appriciated :thumb:

Arrr..........your Onion has a 'special' Ford option.Foot spa in rear footwell.......I believe there is only 200 onions in the UK that had this option from new. ;) Al.

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Do you have a hole in the floor ????????


I'm not taking the Pee, but mk4 escorts/orions do suffer from rusty floors, and one of the main places is the rear floor where your heels are when your sat in the back seat, where the floor raises up to become part of the seat they rust there underneath..


Should be picked up on MOT, so if you dont have mot yet get you welding gear out!!!

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its goin down to my mates garage within the next few days to get EVERYTHING sorted out. there is one big list


welding on offside sill

welding on both rear arches (this is my decision - to make it look better)

new bonnet cable

new CV boot

new steering rack boot

idle valve needs cleaning

to work out were this leak is coming from

fix the left leccy window (i think this is just the switch)

work out y the boot aint locking with the central locking

new nearside wing (needs welding on)

sidelights sprayed red

new number plates need putting on

new windscreen

new rear Ghia bumper

Rage backbox need putting on

new spark plugs

new HT leads

new dizzy cap and rotor arm

work out were the leak is comin from in the boot (i think its from the left rear cluster from were my brother took it out and re-fitted it....... wrongly)

a good clean inside cos its gone all mouldy from the leak

and good wash and wax outside


quite a bit aint it but most of this i can do my self and it aint costing me ne money


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